Dedicated to providing high quality, chemical free watering solutions to the agriculture and horticul-ture industries.


The people


Hubert Timmenga over-sees the scientific aspects of ECA Solutions  Canada's test programs. He is active in environmental consult-ing and provides waste management services to the agricultural industry.

Hubert earned a Masters of Environmental Science from the Wageningen Uni-versity in the Netherlands and a PhD. in Soil Ecology from the University of Bri-tish Columbia. He is a Pro-fessional Agrologist and a certified Agricultural Con-sultant.


Russell Dreeshen brings 30 years experience as a livestock nutrition and management consultant, for all species. Russell has been commissioned for agricultural contract de-velopment, cost of pro-duction analysis, and con-tract supervision.

He is also the President of "Cross Fire Custom En-terprises", a business de-velopment and market-ing company based in Innisfail, Alberta.


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