Dedicated to providing high quality, chemical free watering solutions to the agriculture and horticul-ture industries.


The next generation

ECA Solutions introduces the... "Gen-2" Wafer Cell

Products featuring the "Gen–2" Wafer Cell, produce a solution that is 10 times more concentrated than any others on the market today.

This means that less Solution is added to irrigation and farm drinking water to reach the required activity of 3-5 mg/L active compounds.

All of our products are fully automated and include...

  • a water softener
  • storage tanks
  • a diluter system
  • water strength testing kit
  • piping needed for direct installation
  • delivery and installation in your facility
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labour  

Gen-2 Capacities

Systems can be sized to suit your needs and bud-get. Our consultants and engineers will configure your system to make sure you will have the lowest operational costs...


Novel Application


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